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Boston Pizza Regent Ave W So once again I find myself going to this horrible Boston Pizza. I had made reservations 2 weeks for my son's birthday and once again this location has lost the reservation. I have a autistic son and he loves this particular location. So I know so that he does not have wait, we make reservations. So we wait 45 minutes for a table, my son is at his breaking point. We get seated and 15 minutes later they come to take our drink order, 2 cokes and a water. Well another 10 minutes go by and son has a melt down. Waitress comes over asking what's wrong I say 35 minutes and still no drinks.drinks. authentic Heat jersey She says she will go see and never returns. We wait another 10 minutes and our waitress that had taken our drink order reappears and tell us out meal will be right out. We say we still haven't order food yet, she looks shocked and say oh.oh. wholesale Heat 2014 jerseys At this point I'm tired hungry and my don is having another melt down. I say to thanks for the great service and take my family home. Worst time ever, never will return. Thanks Boston Pizza for ruining my son's birthday. 2 out of 2 found this review helpful Overall a great place to meet up with friends and have a few beers. Food is fairly average fair, you have to be really carefull what you order though. If you see something on the menu that looks like it belongs in a higher class restaurant, don't get it. It's going to be the same price as you would expect at 'The Gates', but probably less than half the quality. Pizza is great, but the prices are beyond ridiculous. I have a friendfriend cheap authentic Heat jerseys free shipping who works in the kitchen at a BP, so I know exactly what goes into the pizza. They're making $23. off of a $25. pizza, you can get better pizza at dozens of joints around town, for less thanthan cheap Heat 2014 jerseys half the price. Needless to say, the beer is cold, the music is loud, and the seats are comfy. I've been to this Boston Pizza a couple of times. Geared towards the family with young kids, and the "after softball/hockey/ultimate/etc trip to the bar" crowd. I know someone who works at the St. 1 out of 1 found this review helpful Our baseball team comes here after almost every game for drinks and food. It's a nice way to celebrate a win! their team pitchers and team pizzas are a pretty good price, and big enoguh for everyone to share. I love their boston bucks for sports teams! You get 10% back in everything you spend, so you can use all of your boston bucks for a team wind up at the end of the year. Their food is pretty good, nothing to rave about though. It'sthough. It's cheap wholesale Heat jerseys open late, has decent food, decent service and it's a good place to sit and chat with a friend over a drink.